Frequently Asked Questions

Cluster Questions 1

I am shy to talk in front of people. I am not comfortable in front of a camera. I feel scared to make a presentation. I don’t have the skill to talk in front of people.

This is exactly why you need to join a business networking group like Tajurba. You will be, in a very positive, safe and encouraging members group who help each other to go to the next level.

After the COVID, everything changed. Things were not like they were earlier. The business will come easily only when you are not shy to talk to people and explain to them how your product or service will help your customers. You should be able to talk to people online and address their concerns and make online presentations.

What can be a better way than joining this platform to get all these benefits at one place. In Tajurba, you will receive various trainings, which will help you just do that. You will be getting a lot of opportunity to practice all your skills in a safe environment before talking to outside clients.

You will be able to upgrade your social skills. That’s one of the most important benefits you will get from here. Because of the exposure and nurturing you get; you will be able to overcome all the above challenges.

Cluster Questions 2

I don’t see my client in the room. There is already someone in the room with my category. The people here can’t understand my business. Mine is a high-ticket item / service, the members might not be able to afford it. Will the group be able to help me in getting business?

The whole idea of networking is about helping you find clients and business through the leverage of the efforts of other people.

It's absolutely ok if there is someone else with a similar category. Probably you will be able to collaborate. The competition era has ended, if you want to grow your business you have to collaborate. Just Imagine if you are worried about just one person who is in the room (that too in a friendly environment) what would be your situation where there are too many people who exactly do what you are doing in a competing market. Understand that everyone has their own market in the network or outside. The network is like a mini version of the world out there. It all depends on what you do and what you don’t that will create your market. Forget about other people or competition and start working on yourself. Tajurba is the best platform for that.

If you think that in a room of friendly and positive people who are willing to listen to you, they would not understand – it’s a feedback for you. It will give an opportunity to make your pitch or presentation better and experiment in a safe zone.

In the live meeting scenario if the client is not able to understand you will never receive proper feedback or ideas for improvement. The only result there would be, loss of sale and loss of credibility. That is the reason why you have to be in a group like this and make sure that these people understand you so that you can confidently talk to the rest of the world and be sure that they are understanding too.

High Ticket Price and can the group help me This is the reason why you have to get into a network as it's very difficult for you alone to find clients for your high ticket price or service. You will receive a lot of help in locating your customers from the group members. Always remember – Don’t sell to the room, sell through the room. The room is not your marketplace, it’s a platform which will connect you to your marketplace. Every person is not just one single person, he is a NETWORK OF AT LEAST 250 PERSONS. Don’t lose out on this opportunity.

By the way if you are looking for a room full of customers, in your own interest you should choose to stay away as it will never happen. By having that kind of mindset, you are losing out on the massive connections that can happen through the room. If you are selling a high-ticket item, the wisest thing is to join this group. Even if you make a single sale because of this group (you will be able to make multiple sales though) you will be heavily compensated for the negligible annual fee you are paying for being a part of this platform.

Cluster Questions 3

I don’t have time. 90 min is too long for me to take out of my busy schedule. I think fees are expensive for membership.

A 90 min meeting is not taking time out of your business… it’s a core business development activity. Investing this 90 min in the meeting will save you multiple 90 minutes in your business. And 90 min every 2 week for the business development is not only doable but it's extremely important too.

Membership is not expensive, infact not having a membership is super expensive at least in the current situation in the world. It is far cheaper than any other way of marketing be it Print Media or Digital Media.

Cluster questions 4

I am still new to the business world; I have only X years of experience. Will I be benefitted? I am doing what I have been doing for so many years already. How can the group help me? If you are a newbie in the business, that is the exact reason you should join us. You will be able to take the help of the entire group's experience and guidance. All the members will be able to guide you to scale new heights in your business effortlessly.

If you are having a lot of experience in business, then it’s a perfect idea for you to join Tajurba. You will be able to leverage the network easily and go to the next level effortlessly. You will be a part of one whole new spectrum of people where you can expand your business effortlessly.

Cluster questions 5

Why am I charged money for a regular meeting when I have paid the membership? The membership fee is the fee for the business platform and all the learning you will get through the year in form of trainings. The meeting fee is just a small commitment fee or the meeting venue fee for you to be a part of the network. As a business owner, you understand that FREE services are not cared for generally. We are sure that you are a serious person, but just to make sure everyone has a similar commitment like yours, a uniform negligible fee is charged as a commitment fee. I hope you will agree with this.